Who We Are


Mark Barnard has been a valued member of the Lumber and Building Materials industry for over 37 years. His experience ranges from all levels of sales and management to CEO, with a reputation for leading through innovation. In 2004 he committed to filling a need in the Lumber and Building Materials community for a Best-in-Class, honest and hardworking recruiting firm specializing in the building materials sector and supply chain, but diverse in the executive search of jobs and top talent targeted. From his vision, we have created a robust and people-oriented business with executive building materials recruiters, following the advice of a mentor at Georgia-Pacific, “surround yourself with the best people.” Our firm has consistently done this through inclusive company culture and respect for our employees, who strive every day to do better than the day before. “Best-in-Class” is a phrase used in our offices and has significant meaning to how we run our business and personal lives. We only work with Best-in-Class clients and Best-in-Class candidates. Through our focus, our team produces excellent results and live their own Best-in-Class lives. We strive to be a true “family” business, where all employees are treated as close relatives. Their efforts have contributed to the company’s success and achievements. Mark’s oldest daughter, Cassie, continues to work at SnapDragon, recently becoming its President and upholding the tradition of innovation and positive results that SnapDragon has always been known for. Cassie is our top biller and brings her A-game each day.