Carolanne Taylor


For the past 15 years, Carolanne has built a set of skills that can only come from a non-linear career path. The first portion of her career was spent at non-profit organizations delivering behavior therapy to a population of severe special needs, ranging from autism spectrum disorder to mood disorders to schizophrenia, ages 0 to 22. She then turned her attention to a corporate talent acquisition role for an education technology company where she quickly promoted into management on their talent acquisition team. She held a full desk of up to 65 roles at a time, managed up to 10 direct reports, and owned projects that would span from candidate experience to operations and process optimization, to DEI, and more.


Her favorite part of recruiting is the people she gets to meet along the way. As well, recruiting gives her a unique opportunity to the heart of business needs or pain points and solve them by hiring the best talent to address them. Measuring her success by this bigger-picture impact is what gets her out of bed in the morning and get after a search full-force. At SnapDragon, she brings to the table a keen understanding of urgency, matched with a drive to be accurate and inclusive. In other words, she digs to find the exact right person for your role as quickly as possible, all while maintaining top-notch candidate and client experience from end to end of her relationships. Having previously worked for a Massachusetts-based organization, having grown up in the northeast, and having worked across time zones for the past five years, she has a network that spans the nation with a good foundation in New England. As well, she has an eye for process optimization and overall business development. Her hope is that all these qualities combined can serve you a world-class recruiting experience.


Outside of work, she is an avid hiker, reader, musician, and at-home cook. She has a three-year-old German Shepherd mix who loves to come along on all her adventures, and a father and younger sister local to Massachusetts.  She is newly relocated to New England as of late June 2024 from Los Angeles and cannot wait to embrace the four seasons once again. A fun fact she can share is that she has visited 48 out of 50 of the United States (not just driven through them!).