Cassie Fosher

President, Partner, Executive Recruiter

SnapDragon Associates has been in Cassie’s family for over nineteen years now. It was a pleasant surprise when she joined the firm after graduating with High Honors from Plymouth State University in 2013. Although she received her Bachelor of Science in Childhood Studies with plans of being a teacher, she has been able to transfer her skill set to this line of work with ease. She takes pride in the fact that she gets to work alongside her father, husband, and close friends who have become family over the years.

Cassie is a fearless and motivated leader here at SnapDragon, who has proven to be a trusted advisor to not only her client base, but she’s a true mentor to her colleagues as well as each candidate she works with. Cassie has strong people skills and just general common sense which serves her well as she always comes back with the results our clients demand. In 2022, Cassie broke the firms record for highest annual sales of over $1M which only a tiny percentage of recruiters in the world have ever done. Cassie is bright, friendly, and has a terrific sense of humor that can disarm even the most intense person or situation. People enjoy working with her due to her ability to be honest, empathetic, and a true pioneer within the recruiting industry

In her free time, you can find Cassie out and about with her daughters Kennedy and Charlotte as well as spending time with her husband Kalvin, who joined the firm in 2021, and their yellow Labrador Gronk. She loves being with her friends and family out on the lake or just spending time together in general!

SnapDragon Associates has become a place where hard work translates to success. It’s an easy formula that Cassie has learned to master in more ways than one. Because of this, coupling her determination to always set the bar, her continued drive to be an industry trailblazer, and the connections she can make with anyone she encounters, is a true recipe for a bright and prosperous future.


Contact Cassie:
603-621-9037 ext. 100
Call or Text: (603) 323-0957