Cassie Fosher

Vice President, Partner, Executive Recruiter

SnapDragon Associates has been in Cassie’s family for over fourteen years now. It was a pleasant surprise when she joined the firm after graduating with high honors from Plymouth State University in 2013. Although she received her Bachelors in Childhood Studies with plans of being a teacher, she has been able to transfer her skill set to this line of work with ease. With her father, Mark, being in the industry for as long as he has, it’s been an easy transition for her to join the Lumber and Building Materials world. Cassie is a fearless and motivated professional who shows her candidates respect and care as she helps them transition from one position to a new opportunity or growth role with one of our clients. Cassie has a great deal of common sense which serves her well as she always comes back with the results our clients demand. Cassie is bright, friendly, and has a terrific sense of humor that can disarm even the most uptight person. People enjoy working with her as she cares and her hard work shows it. Her hopes are to make her father proud by continuing to learn the industry she serves and to continue to make positive relationships with the other professionals she works with. Being able to contribute to her father’s professional dream has been an amazing experience for her and she is dead set on making her own mark on the LBM Industry, just as her father has.


Contact Cassie:
603-621-9037 ext. 100
Call or Text: (603) 323-0957