Cassie Fosher

President, Partner, Executive Recruiter

For over 19 years, SnapDragon Associates has been a cherished part of Cassie’s family legacy. Her journey with the firm began in 2013, fresh from earning High Honors at Plymouth State University. While her initial career path leaned towards teaching with a Bachelor of Science in Childhood Studies, Cassie seamlessly transitioned her skills to the recruitment domain, finding fulfillment in working alongside her father, husband, and close-knit circle, which has evolved into family.

As a dynamic leader at SnapDragon, Cassie shines as a trusted advisor to clients, a mentor to colleagues, and a beacon of support for candidates. Her proficiency in developing interpersonal relations and practical wisdom consistently delivers the results our clients crave. Notably, in 2022, Cassie shattered company records with annual sales exceeding $1M, a feat achieved by only a select few recruiters worldwide. Her magnetic personality, coupled with her honesty, empathy, and industry pioneering spirit, makes her a sought-after partner.

Outside the office, Cassie cherishes moments with her daughters Kennedy and Charlotte, her husband Kalvin—who joined the firm in 2021—and their beloved yellow Labrador Gronk. Whether on the lake or simply enjoying quality time with loved ones, Cassie finds joy in every moment.

SnapDragon Associates embodies the culture where diligence and hard work breeds triumph and success. Cassie’s dedication to raising the bar, her relentless pursuit of innovation as a young female leader in the industry, and her innate ability to connect with individuals pave the way for a bright and prosperous future.


Contact Cassie:
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Call or Text: (603) 323-0957