Madyson Murphy

Partner & Executive Recruiter

Madyson has been with the SnapDragon Team for the last 7 years. Since joining the SnapDragon team back in 2014, Madyson has become very familiar with the LBM Industry by attending trade shows and mentoring with her colleagues. Madyson has found her niche within the industry by focusing on identifying top window & door manufacturers and helping them fill their “tough to fill” positions within a timely manner. Madyson graduated with her Degree in General Studies and a Minor in Community Social Service back in 2013. Madyson’s family is well-established in the trades, which has proven to help her learn more about the business. Her husband is employed for a well-known wholesale supplier, her father is a landscaper/hardscape designer and her father-in-law builds custom homes across the state of NH.

Madyson enjoys spending time with her family, retail therapy, dancing, and helping others. She has helped renovate/design two of her homes and really appreciates the thriving industry she serves. She enjoys the communication aspect of her career in recruiting in addition to the relationships she builds daily. She spends most of her time with her newborn daughter, whom she welcomed into her family in February 2021.


Contact Madyson:
603-621-9037 ext. 106
Call or Text: (603) 323-0952