Madyson Murphy

Partner & Executive Recruiter

Madyson Murphy is a seasoned recruiting professional with over a decade of experience, having joined the SnapDragon Team after several years in the customer service and restaurant industries. Throughout her tenure at SnapDragon, Madyson has consistently demonstrated her exceptional talents as a top-performing recruiter and team manager within the organization.

Madyson has established a unique niche for herself within the industry by specializing in identifying manufacturers and producers of high-quality exterior products throughout the United States. Her educational foundation was laid in 2013 when she graduated with a degree in General Studies and a minor in Community Social Service, which set the course for her successful career.

Her family background in the trades has played a pivotal role in her professional development. Her husband works for a reputable wholesale supplier in the northeast, while her father is a distinguished landscaper and hardscape designer, and her father-in-law specializes in crafting custom homes across the state of New Hampshire. Madyson has also worked alongside her husband and father-in-law in renovating and designing two of her own homes, further demonstrating her deep appreciation for the thriving industry she serves.

Outside of her professional life, Madyson is a devoted individual who values family time, enjoys retail therapy, and is passionate about helping others. Her dedication to her profession is only rivaled by her commitment to her family. In addition to her successful career, she expertly balances the responsibilities of being a dedicated mother to three children under the age of three.


Contact Madyson:
603-621-9037 ext. 106
Call or Text: (603) 323-0952