What Makes SnapDragon so “Different” from Other Recruiters?

Posted on August 01, 2015

Our Objective:

“To present Candidates whose Proficiencies are a “Spot-on-Fit” with our Client’s Needs.”

Our Focus

We work exclusively with Building Material manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and Pro dealers. Our recruiters are truly industry insiders who have well over 150 years of Building Material industry experience and understand, in detail, the positions we are asked to fill.

Our Team

When you hire SnapDragon, you are hiring a “Team of Professionals working together to provide you with top candidates that are a “Spot-On Fit for your position.

·         Nine full time recruiters with significant Building Material industry backgrounds

·         Four full time researchers

·         Two full time Marketing and Social Media professionals

·         Three outside research firms

The Process

We have proved that the more we know about what our Client is looking for in a candidate, early in the process, things tend to go much more smoothly and quickly later in the process. Our chances of providing a “Spot-On-Fit” candidate increases exponentially.

We gather information from both the client and the candidate in granular detail, then “overlay” those two templates and the fit quality becomes quite clear.

The first information gathering step is the “Client InnerView” questionnaire. From our experience, there are a basic set of Candidate Requirements our Clients ask for and Common Questions that candidates ask. We acquire highly detailed information on the skills, experience, education requirements, compensation rang, benefit packages and more, that are needed to be seriously considered for the position.

We conduct a similar “Candidate InnerView” to collect their skill, experience, compensation, benefit and culture requirements as well.

Candidates with a high fit-quality proficiencies for the position are almost always easier to train and manage and they have a significantly lower turnover rate.

If they are a fit, we do an in-depth phone interview and check their references before we present them to the Client.


Simple, but extremely effective.