We’re Not Hiring for Today

Posted on April 21, 2020

As recruiters, our job is to be an advisor to our clients and the companies we hire for. The feedback we provide comes in many forms: positive, unfavorable, or needs further clarification. No matter what the feedback type, one thing remains the same . . . our feedback is always honest, true and in the best interest of the companies we partner with.

Here are some facts regarding our industry right now:

  1. There are many unknowns about how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last
  2. We aren’t sure how it will impact the economy or how long that affect will be
  3. Companies are dancing a fine line of making sure they have enough staff to run their operation, but not too much staff to break budget and keep people safe

Our clients are asking themselves one big looming question, “What do we do about the staffing needs we still have?” Although no one knows the exact right answer, there are some key actions that your company can put in place today to set you ahead of the rest.

  1. Keep the interview process moving!
  • Everyone is in the same boat right now as this pandemic continues. Set yourself apart from much of the industry and continue interviewing. Phone interviews, online testing, business plans, video interviews; there are so many types of interviewing we can continue with that won’t be obstructed by the pandemic.
  • The candidates you’re speaking with will understand that COVID-19 will impact the length of the process. If they don’t, they probably aren’t the right candidate for your company anyway! Whatever you do, don’t stop the interviews.
  1. Use the technology that is available.
  • SKYPE, ZOOM, and FaceTime are just a few of the apps that offer face-to-face meetings over the phone. Instead of meeting your candidate at the branch, set up a virtual “in-person” interview. These apps are free – let’s use them!
  1. Be prepared…. think long term vs. right now.
  • This pandemic will eventually be a thing of the past. You NEED to be looking at your team and organization to make sure that when the business flood gates open – and they will open – you have the right team in place to handle that volume.
  • Do you want your competitors to have more coverage or ability than you? No
  • Do you want your customers to go to a competitor simply because they are open and available, and you are not? No
  • Don’t be stuck trying to drink water from a fire-hose.

We are working with hundreds of clients who are continuing their interview processes, using technology for what it is made for and are prepping for what their Q3 and Q4 will look like.  Bottom line . . . they will be prepared.  At the end of this pandemic it is this mentality that will give them a huge advantage over their competition.

Call us to strategize about what your hiring needs are and how we can help evolve your process to what these other successful companies are doing during COVID-19!