Understanding Hiring Trends: Why Companies are Focusing on Bench Strength and Sales Growth

Posted on June 13, 2024

In a recent survey conducted by SnapDragon Associates, hiring managers were asked about the primary reasons behind their current hiring initiatives. The survey presented four choices: Succession Planning, Bench Strength, New position, and Growth/More Sales. The results shed light on the strategic priorities of businesses when it comes to recruitment.


Succession Planning: 14%

Bench Strength: 43%

New Position: 0%

Growth/More Sales: 43%

The standout results revealed that a significant 43% of hiring managers are prioritizing Bench Strength, emphasizing the importance of having a robust and talented team in place to ensure the organization’s bench strength and business success. Additionally, they highlight the need to identify and develop talent for critical positions and key roles within the organization.

Simultaneously, another 43% are focusing on Growth/More Sales, indicating a strong desire among companies to expand revenue streams and enhance sales capabilities. It is a fair assessment to say that the two go hand in hand.

These findings underscore a dual objective in today’s competitive business landscape: the need to cultivate internal talent through bench-strength strategies while simultaneously driving external growth through increased sales efforts. By investing in building strong teams, identifying high-performing employees, developing strong leaders, and pursuing sales growth, organizations aim to secure their future success and remain competitive in dynamic markets. Furthermore, having employees ready to fill vacant leadership positions is crucial for maintaining continuity and achieving business goals.

The survey results reflect a strategic shift in how companies approach hiring, with a clear emphasis on building resilient teams and driving revenue growth. This shift highlights the organization’s ability to immediately fill critical positions with internal candidates. Moreover, identifying key positions that, if left vacant, could disrupt operations is essential for effective succession planning.

As businesses navigate evolving landscapes, prioritizing bench strength and sales expansion emerges as a key differentiator for sustainable success. Developing a robust succession plan and nurturing talented internal candidates are vital for long-term stability. Additionally, preparing for vacant leadership and other positions ensures organizational resilience.

By aligning hiring practices with these core objectives, companies can position themselves for long-term growth and excellence. Stay tuned for more insights into industry trends and best practices in recruiting and business growth. Remember, the key to thriving lies in adapting to market demands and proactively shaping a skilled workforce that drives innovation and profitability through stretch assignments.