Deadly Recruiting Sins

Posted on August 25, 2015

Deadly Recruiting Sins that NO recruiting firm should make, EVER!


  • No Follow up to Client or Candidate
  • Discrimination
  • Not properly screening Candidates
  • Shot-gunning
  • Not preparing for a counter-offer
  • Not knowing Candidates intentions
  • Having a lack of enthusiasm
  • Not setting or establishing expectations for Clients and Candidates
  • Not “calling it a day” when you should
  • Not understanding Clients needs and wants
  • Not planning work
  • Not following through
  • Non-activity
  • Being non-professional


Our firm has upheld a conscious effort to NEVER make these Deadly Recruiting Sins, as our reputation is of extreme importance. No one stands behind their Clients and Candidates like the SnapDragon Team. From our Exclusive Consulting Services to our Extensive Knowledge of the LBM Industry, we’re working hard every day to leverage our strength in the Recruiting World to place Top Candidates with Best In Class Companies!