The Story the LBM Industry has Been Looking For is Here!

Posted on August 31, 2020

This year has been filled with more uncertainty than most. Industries are screeching to a halt due to the Coronavirus. However, as an essential element to our country’s growth and success, the building materials industry is evolving more rapidly than it has in a long time. As it adjusts to the current shutdowns and restrictions, it is adapting to new technology and changing its business models. One of the most notable changes is how it has become more appealing to the younger generation . . . a challenge it has struggled with in the past.

Many of our industry companies have had layoffs, restructures and changes in market strategy resulting in an abundance of workers looking for new opportunities. We have not seen any shutdowns; in fact, there has been an uptick in demand.  That upward trend has led to many companies looking for new ways to be more efficient and more technologically prepared in responding to current needs.  With the spike in unemployment and uncertainty in the job market, we have seen more younger generations exploring a career in our industry for the first time. They are recognizing the resilience of the industry, how well it adapts to economic swings and withstands even the most catastrophic events.  In other words, it brings them a better sense of security.

We have helped place many young people with Best in Class companies that are looking to build their bench and develop a strong team.  At the same time, these companies are looking to them as the future success of their companies.

With everything going on in this world, the building materials industry is thriving . . . pushing ahead and growing. The housing market is booming – new home construction is going through the roof. Our industry has and will continue to be an essential element to our country’s growth, and the demand for good talent will only get stronger.