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Posted on July 10, 2017 by

Kammey Grierson has been nothing but helpful and supportive in my journey of finding a new job. She was always very responsive to emails and even phone calls, which I very much appreciated. I first spoke with Kammey for a position I saw posted and she was immediately eager to help! She forwarded me an email asking me a series of questions to help figure out exactly what I was looking for in my next job opportunity. Before I knew it, within a matter of days, I had an interview! She was very helpful in coaching me through what I should do to prepare for the interview as well as giving me tips, such as where to park and what time I should leave, to get to my location on time. I  got a second interview which then lead to a job offer! When I accepted the position, she coached me on giving my notice/resignation letter to, my now former, employer. She forwarded me a sample copy of a resignation letter which helped take the edge off. I would highly recommend working with Kammey and the team at SnapDragon Associates to anyone who is looking for a job. They are very personable and easy to speak with, which made this nerve wrecking change much easier!