Red Oak Search: An elite service used to source candidates for senior, executive, and other highly specialized positions.

Engaged Search: Results based recruiting where we collect an upfront deposit and then the remaining fee is paid only when the right person is hired.

SnapSearch: Hire our staff to research and recruit for a large scale need where traditional recruiting fees can be cost prohibitive.

Our success rate is well above the national average because we concentrate on the key areas of a successful search:

Identify Best in Class candidates. We won’t consider someone a “candidate” unless they are Best-in-Class in their field. We will present you with the strongest possible candidates. The best hire is someone who is not actively looking (passive candidates) and is making an impact at his/her current company.

Screen and evaluate skills, work history, and results. Our candidates succeed because they possess professional expertise and complement the culture of the hiring organization. More importantly, they have successful track records of the impact results your company seeks. SnapDragon takes the time to evaluate a candidate’s accomplishments and only presents exceptional candidates who perform and communicate well at all levels, both internally and externally.

Make sure the candidate understands the job, the company, and the challenge he/she will be facing. SnapDragon guarantees that you will meet with only Best-in-Class candidates who sincerely want the position, understand the role and responsibilities, and are seriously interested in contributing to your company’s success. This not only helps you find the ideal candidate, but also maximizes your time and money.


As part of SnapDragon’s continued commitment to offering its Lumber, Building Material, and Hardware industry clients, a world-class level of service, we have created professional relationships with some of the top LBM-Focused Capital Advisory Firms who we can refer our clients to. These experts can provide confidential advice on the types of transactional activity occurring across our industry and how our clients might take advantage of them. Let’s face it, in today’s competitive market you need to be informed about the dozens of options that most of us don’t know are available out there.

These are the experts, firms who are highly experienced, with cross-functional teams who can address your questions and concerns as well as guide you through successfully structuring and executing these transactions. We believe that you need to be educated in what your options are and we can refer you several firms to speak with on a discreet basis.

  • Succession Planning
  • Merger & Acquisition Consulting
  • Capital Sourcing for Expansion
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Valuation
  • Transaction Consulting
  • Private Equity Consulting