Mariah Steffek


Mariah joins the Best in Class at SnapDragon Associates and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. She is a recruiting professional who specializes in strategies, harmonizing processes, people, and technology to promote growth and profitability. Her 5+ year career extends across business strategies, organizational development, operations, corporate sustainability, learning strategy, and recruiting. SnapDragon Associates core values highlight Mariah’s strengths, most notably a high regard to integrity, accountability and teamwork. She has previously led corporate learning development and leadership roles in diverse industries, and is able to balance tasks and prioritize projects based on the assignment while maintaining deadlines. She is enthusiastic about joining the SnapDragon Associates team.

When not at work, you may find Mariah in the car as she loves road trips and scenery. If not on a road trip, you may find her with family or friends, or at home with Brandon and their pets – a loudmouth cat named Lux and a Shepherd/Pitbull Mix named Mabel who loves to chew bones. Mariah enjoys creativity, especially in art and music. She currently lives in Wisconsin and will be moving soon to New Hampshire.


Contact Mariah:
Call or Text: (603)-725-4070