Lumber & Building Materials Hiring Theme

Posted on June 11, 2018 by SnapDragon Associates, LLC

There’s no doubt about it, the Lumber & Building Materials Industry is booming. In fact, just about every Industry is! In leu of that, we have identified the most highly sought out candidates, what every CEO/VP/Director or Decision Maker in nearly 99% of every client company is yearning for; strategists who can execute!

Strategists, as the definition states, are the experts in strategies. They are strategic thinkers and can plan for what needs to be done, down to the finest detail. They set goals, determine actions to achieve those goals and assemble resources to execute the game plan. Examples of Strategists: anyone who can preach on how to get the job done but never really pulls off the execution of the strategy. (There are a lot of these folks out there).

Executors, on the other hand, are defined as someone who can build a team and that can execute, carry out, and perform the task or goal set forth. They know how to make things happen, get forward momentum going, and carry out the plan of the strategist. (Again, plenty of these folks out there).

What is in demand, more than we have ever seen, is what we affectionately call the “Strategic Executioner.” Extremely rare and hard to find. Why? Because these are the rain makers; the people who can build an idea, identify what risk/reward factors exist, build a plan, hire a team, and make it happen!  They don’t look for work or spend the weekends reading job ads.  Believe it or not, these are your proverbial “Purple Squirrels” which are so rare and hard to find that they almost seem mythical. Why? Because these “Doers,” these “Pros” are so busy making it happen, creating results, and smashing goals, that they don’t have the time to look at your want ad or job postings.

Want to know how to find them, give us a call and we will explain exactly what it takes to find them…happy hiring!


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