Keeping Up with Hiring in 2021 (and Beyond!)

Posted on August 02, 2021

Keeping Up with Hiring in 2021 (and Beyond!)

At the beginning of 2020, we never could have predicted the events of the coming year. COVID has affected every aspect of life, and its effect on the LBM industry has been significant.

Unlike industries marked as “non-essential,” LBM has continued to operate throughout the pandemic. Soaring DIY projects mixed with a confluence of other factors have caused an unexpected boom in our industry, and there’s no sign that things are going to slow down any time soon.

In short, business has never been better in LBM. With the increased revenue, our industry has also become one of the most sought-after sources of jobs in the first half of 2021.

In this article, we will talk about what this new LBM industry means for your hiring process.

New Issues in 2021

The first half of this year has been unprecedented for the LBM industry, but the changes have brought new business difficulties. For the businesses that survived the layoffs of last year, it has been difficult just to answer all the calls, much less keep up with the booming sales.

As businesses have struggled to keep up with the workload of the post-COVID economic rebound, many have found it challenging to find the time to complete the everyday tasks essential to running a business.

As recruiters, we hear stories from around the country about these new issues. For example, so many applicants are flocking to LBM businesses that hiring managers can hardly respond to email inquiries about job opportunities.

Once hires are made, it is even harder to take the time to spend months training the new hire. There are just too many sales happening to take the time to train new hires properly!

Hiring isn’t the only area where businesses are struggling. Vital reports and metrics are taking a backseat, and salespeople no longer have time to seek new clients.

These are good problems to have, but they are problems nonetheless. As the economy continues to shift, we must take stock of our processes. We must be aware of the changes, make the right hires, and prepare our teams for the years ahead.

Things to Consider When Building a Team

Building a solid team will help every area of your business. If you can find strong leaders and capable employees, your business will thrive.

We’re going to talk about three keys to hiring in 2021 that will help you keep up with business and innovate for the future:

  1. Hire independent workers
  2. Don’t wait around when you find a good candidate
  3. Work with professional recruiters

Independent Workers

One of the worst things you can do for your business when you already have a lot on your plate is hire a team that needs babysitting. There are several ways that this can manifest itself.

The first type of team you need to avoid is the one that needs supervision to do quality work. When you set your team on a task, you should be confident that your employees will do quality work–even if you aren’t there to oversee them personally.

Second, some teams lack integrity unless a supervisor is watching them and holding their hands. They will cut corners to save time, which ultimately harms the client (and your business). A team with integrity will do the right thing even when nobody’s watching.

Finally, you should build a team that shows passion for the work they’re doing. A lack of passion results in laziness, missed deadlines, and shoddy work. So while you’re hiring, keep in mind how important passion is to your work.

Hand-holding takes an enormous amount of time, which draws your resources away from more crucial tasks. If you make sure to build independent, passionate teams, you can dedicate your precious time where it’s needed most.

Don’t Wait

As recruiters, one of the most common mistakes we see in hiring is companies waiting to seal the deal with a candidate that they want to hire. They think they can take their time before making an offer and wrapping them up, but today’s job market simply doesn’t allow for waiting around like this.

Job candidates have more options than ever before, so waiting a couple of days before making an offer can make a huge difference. If you’re quick on the draw, you have a much higher chance of making a great hire.

On the other hand, waiting around to see if something better comes along could cost you a great candidate. You will either have to settle for someone who’s just OK or leave the position unfilled if you can afford it.

Put simply: when you see a candidate you want, wrap them up FAST.

Professional Recruiters

Like we said, LBM hiring managers can hardly keep up with the number of inquiries they’re receiving right now. Likewise, trainers can’t take the time to train new candidates because of the number of jobs companies have to work on.

In this current market, you just can’t waste time sifting through hundreds of Indeed applicants. It’s a waste of time. Even more importantly, it’s unlikely to land you the candidate you want.

Instead of wasting that time for a decent hire, use industry-specific recruiters that know how to find you the best possible hire.

Unlike traditional job searches, professional recruiters don’t rely on Indeed ads or other resume databases and job boards. Instead, reputable recruiting firms know their niches so well that they can go after the best fit for your job even if they haven’t uploaded their resume to a website.

Often, the very best hire is happily working in another company. They’re successful in their current roles, and they aren’t looking for a new position. That’s the type of candidate that you will miss if you choose not to use professional recruiters.

Professional recruiters do the heavy lifting for you, which frees up your most valuable resource: time. They also help you make a better hire than you could if you chose to search independently.


Working with a professional recruiting firm is an investment upfront, but it is a long-term investment in your team and your success. Additionally, it saves you dozens of hours screening applicants.

How much money is your company wasting by spending that time on unqualified applicants? Could it be better spent working with industry-specific recruiters that can make you a better hire?

The first half of 2021 has started fast, and it’s not going to slow down any time soon.

Make sure that you are making the right decisions to position your team to succeed in the current business climate and in the years to come!