Hiring Veterans in the LBM Industry

Posted on March 19, 2021 by Mark Barnard, President & CEO

Almost every company we speak with is searching for dedicated, diligent, and trainable employees for their teams. Quality employees are at the top of every LBM company’s wish list, yet there’s an enormous talent pool that’s getting overlooked.

Veterans account for 6% of the U.S. workforce, or around 6 million workers. Yet one in three veterans are underemployed at jobs that fail to utilize their unique skills and experience.

If your company is working to stay competitive in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, here’s what you’ll gain from adding military veterans to your team.
Why Hire Veterans?

Unfortunately, most veterans struggle to find civilian work due to the difficulty of translating military skills or job titles to the civilian titles and some cases, a lack of college degree. The facts are, according to LinkedIn’s Veteran Opportunity Report, veterans are a valuable asset to the companies that hire them. Compared to nonveterans:

● Veterans perform at higher levels and have lower turnover on average.
● Veterans are 39% more likely to move into a leadership role within three years.
● Veterans with bachelor’s degrees have 2.9x more work experience.
● Veterans are 160% more likely to have a graduate degree or higher.

Those numbers are compelling, but they’re not the only reason to add veterans to your team. In a time when the LBM industry is rife with burnout and in need of new thought leadership, the outsider status that has long held veterans back is becoming an asset. Not only are military veterans profoundly resilient and skilled at working under pressure, they bring fresh perspectives to an industry historically resistant to change.
Tax credits and incentives for hiring veterans
Employers that hire veterans can also take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Veterans who are unemployed, receive SNAP benefits, or have a service-related disability qualify for the WOTC. The WOTC reduces an employer’s tax bill dollar-for-dollar during the first year of employment. There’s no limit to the number of employees that can qualify for the tax credit.

Other programs designed to incentivize and support veteran employment include the Special Employer Incentives program, GI Bill Registered Apprenticeships and On-the-Job Training, and the HIRE Vets Medallion program.

America’s veterans risked life and limb serving the country. Now, it’s our turn to support them. When you launch a veteran hiring initiative at your LBM company, you’ll do more than support veterans and bolster your firm’s reputation. You’ll gain talented, dedicated employees that never take their eye off the mission ahead.

Are you ready to rethink your hiring strategy and add veterans to your team? At SnapDragon Associates, we know what it takes to attract top candidates to your company. Whether you’re trying to fill a hard-to-hire role or bring new thought leadership to your organization, SnapDragon Associates will help you build the best team imaginable.


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