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For more than 15 years, SnapDragon Associates has helped Best-In-Class companies in the LBM industry build stronger teams as well as help build companies looking to become Best-In-Class. Our clients are specifically screened and chosen for their leading positions in the markets they service. They have to make grade or we will not work with them. We hold our clients to meet our high standards because our marching orders, our mission, is to find the top talent who wants to move up the food chain and go to work for the best teams possible. It’s like an exclusive club with us, only allowing those market leaders to join. Why? Because at the end of the day, our candidates and clients share the same goals, to be the best and work on winning teams.

Our best work is done searching for those hard to place, critically important roles that are time sensitive and highly visible for a client company. Our results have been recognized as the best in the industry, Best-In-Class in fact. Our beliefs are that in order to attract the LBM industry’s top talent, you have to be working with the top companies. If your company is considered to be a market leader and you seek the best for your team, let’s have a conversation.

Once we establish a working relationship, SnapDragon offers Executive Search services focusing on senior level (CEO, VP, and Director) positions, middle management positions as well as sales positions.

Our success rate is well above the national average because we concentrate on the key areas of a successful search:

  • Identify Best in Class candidates. We don’t consider someone a “candidate” unless they are Best in Class in their field and not actively looking for another position. You get the best possible candidates. We won’t bring you unhappy people who are unemployed and looking for their next gig because we know that isn’t what you want. The best hire you can make is someone who is not actively looking (passive candidates) and are making an impact at his/her current company.
  • Screen and evaluate skills, work history, and results. Our candidates succeed because they possess both a professional expertise and a personal ability to fit into the culture of an organization. More importantly, they have successful track records of getting the results your company seeks. SnapDragon takes the time to evaluate a candidate’s accomplishments and only presents candidates who will do an outstanding job and communicate well at all levels, both internally and externally.
  • Make sure the candidate understands the job, the company, and the challenge he/she will be facing. SnapDragon guarantees that you will meet with only best in class candidates who sincerely want the position, understand the responsibilities, the role, and are seriously interested in contributing to your company’s success. This not only helps you find the right candidate, but maximizes your time.

When you hire SnapDragon Associates to work on your Executive Search assignment, you are hiring a team of researchers, recruiters, marketing professionals, and consultants who will work tirelessly in the pursuit of assisting you in your goal of hiring the Best-In-Class. It’s a team approach and our results prove it works!

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